Our overall goal is to pursue the excellence in the studies, in co-curricular activities and character building.

We Aim :

  • To make them realize that education is a continuous never ending process.
  • To teach discerningly so that our students think for themselves and think correctly.
  • To recognize and encourage talent in the students.
  • To foster team spirit and encourage a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • To know god through the pursuit of truth and knowledge of self.
  • To create an atmosphere of co ncern and respect for the welfare of others and to reach out to humanity at large.

Code of Conduct:

Discipline is the distinctive feature of this school. Disregard of rules and regulations of the institution will not be tolerated. Any action likely as a breach of school’s discipline -The student has to NOW maintain a respectful attitude towards authority, elders and teachers. Students must cultivate a deep sense, of honest loyalty and integrity and must develop a sense of responsibility with regard to school property.


Why St. Joseph ?

Academic Excellence

Ours is a challenging curriculum and programme that enhances the knowledge and comprehension skills of the international standards. We want our students to work hard for each academic milestone to elevate their intelligence and critical thinking skills.

Global Networks

Our global network enables international exposure for students to help them broaden the perspectives, connect with peers and explore the world.

Commitment to Community

Being a crucial part of society, we understand our responsibilities toward the community. And we always want our students to understand the same. As we believe that the knowledge that we acquire should be helpful in uplifting the community, we inculcate in our children through various activities that help them understand the value of duties as well as improves their self-confidence, self-esteem and responsible behavior.

Personalized Grooming

At the heart of our educational programmes lies the overall individual growth of students that we achieve through personalized learning. It means we do not follow the formula of ‘one size fits all’. There is a custom approach to train every student that allows them to absorb knowledge at their own pace. Through guidance, discussions, explorations, experiments and encouragement, ST Joseph School offers personalized grooming of the students along with acknowledging the educational demands.

Experienced Faculty

Highly qualified, skilled, experienced and empathetic teachers are one of our strongest pillars. Along with wonderful command of their subject matter, our teachers employ best teaching methods that have the lasting impression on students. ST Joseph School faculty is passionate and committed to teaching and it’s highly satisfying for them to see their students growing in all aspects.

Best Infrastructure

ST Joseph School understands the importance of exceptional infrastructure in overall development. As we wanted our students to have the best-in-class facilities, our school campus spans across acres of land. It includes inviting and technology enabled classrooms, engaging activity and art areas, well-groomed ground and outdoor courts, swimming pool as well as indoor play areas, labs and auditorium.


Our Campus

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